The baby has started nursery..

So today my baby started nursery, with his little rucksack and everything. He was adorably grown up looking and at the same time my heart was breaking that my baby is going off to nursery. Because after nursery comes school, and then high school, and uni and real life adulthood, and I am not ready for any of that. I long for more days where we watch Finding Nemo on the sofa and he laughs at me singing the songs from In the Night Garden.

When did my monkey grow into this curly haired toddler from this chunky baby? 

 As a parent you often think that certain things would be easier without a toddler in tow, like the weekly shop when your child is escaping from the trolley and as you wander up each aisle the sound of your toddler’s shriek assaults the ears of all nearby shoppers.  Or maybe when attempting to do the housework or even the impossible task of taking a phone call (the phone call stuff only gets worse! Except when they are older they will ask you for things knowing that the easiest response you can give is a thumbs up. Easy win for them!) But in fact, when the time comes to wave your babies off to nursery, you feel a little lost, as I have today.

The house was far too quiet and the time passed really, really slowly. It’s strange because when your children are born, your Nan or some relative will tell you to “treasure every moment because they grow up so fast” and you nod and smile, but think it is just something that old people say for conversation when a new baby is born. It is absolutely true though, my children are 9 and 2 1/2 years old and my little monkey’s transition to nursery is a milestone that ends the ‘baby years’ and shows they are growing up. 

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