A bit about me …


My name is Natalie, I am a mother to 4 sons, one of whom has autism. I started the blog in 2015 as a personal outlet. At the time I was following some other ‘mum’ blogs (I hate that term but it’s the best description) and had always admired the honesty and how relatable they were. We were going through the whole autism diagnosis and were under so much pressure, and naturally were going through the rhythm of self blame and worrying how we would be good enough parents to this little boy and his big brother.*
I struggled so much with a name for this blog, I pondered on it for so long and finally settled on The Scenic Route to Sanity as quite honestly, that is an accurate depiction of my life since trying this whole adult thing. You just about get a plan together or at least a sense of direction and then someone or something forces you to take a U-turn, a diversion, or just go home and start again another time. More often than not this is meant in the most literal sense where either you’ve forgotten the change bag, someone needs a wee or you think sod it we are 4 hours late anyway let’s just go home.** I have generally blogged about parenting and it’s challenges but have worked on a couple of exciting projects for Save the Children and Internet matters writing posts for their campaigns on important issues such as cyber bullying and childcare difficulties for working parents.
So this is me, have a read and leave a comment and visit my social channels for a nosey, you will find my instagram here Facebook here and Twitter here
Natalie x

*He also now has a little brother so we clearly thought we were up for the challenge (edit 2019 – two little brothers!)
**True story