Back on the slimming world wagon..

So in true January style, weight loss is high up on the agenda. I am already a member of slimming world and a combination of alcohol, chocolate and lots and lots of take aways over the festive period (and a week either side to be honest) has caused me to gain weight over Christmas, 15lb to be exact. It takes true dedication and much more will power than I possess to stay on plan over Christmas and I succumbed to the temptation of chocolates, calorific beverages and just crap in general. 

I have been back on plan this week and much to my surprise, lost 4lbs on my first week back, which is great and a nice chunk out of my Christmas/December gain. I record everything that I eat on the paper food diary that I grab at group but I also have a separate instagram account where I share all my meals and progress, which you can follow here. 

The thing I love about slimming world is that unlike some other weight loss programs, you can eat as much as you like! This week I have enjoyed bacon sarnies, chocolate, decent cereal that doesn’t taste of cardboard, and I have even eaten marshmallows. I have eaten normal food, which is why it is easy to follow. I plan on reaching my target this year, and that is perfectly doable in the next few months. I am hoping to add a recipe section to the blog so I can share with you any yummy food that I eat along the journey.

I have also this week discovered these beauties, and at just 1.5 syns each, they are great. I have been on plan for most of the week, and it has paid off, but there is one food that I just can’t make slimming world friendly, pizza. Some people are super creative and make a cauliflower pizza base or make mini pizzas from Kingsmill thins, but for a lazy git like me it is take away pizza. And at approximately 10 syns a slice (probably more), I have just consumed approximately 60 syns in one sitting, but I don’t feel bad because that is the beauty of slimming world, I can get right back on track tomorrow and still get losses at the scale. After all we are only human and nobody is good all the time, no matter what they might say!

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