The reality of starting a new term

So it is Monday evening, the last day of the Christmas holidays and it is depressing, I thought it would only be appropriate that my next post be about the pain that every parent is going through right now. You may be returning to work tomorrow after some much enjoyed time off, or you may be preparing for the chaos that is the school run and for normality to resume, as painful as that is. No more excuses for sitting in front of the telly with a selection box (or two) and no more lying in past 9. And probably worst of all, no more sitting in your pyjamas until lunchtime.

Now as you mourn the loss of the school holidays and relaxed routines, you must iron school uniforms, after you actually find them of course! Pack PE kits and make lunches. Now, in an ideal world, the kids would have been in bed nice and early ready for their first day of term and you would have the lunch made and in the fridge, uniforms ironed whilst watching the soaps and all in a neat pile ready for an easy morning tomorrow. A nice cup of tea and then a bath (alone) and a nice early night for yourself.

Not. A. Chance.

In my house, the uniform is clean, but not ironed. I mean, who really has time for ironing? Truth be told, I don’t actually know where my ironing board is, who loses an ironing board? An attempt was made at an early night for the kids and THEY ARE STILL AWAKE!! We have had some classic excuses though from the 9 year old…

“It is impossible to fall asleep because it is so late”

“I have the worst headache in the world” – even when I explained that this is probably due to being tired.

“I am never going to be able to fall asleep”

All of the above he has had to walk up the stairs to our bedroom to tell us and is most disappointed when I tell him “Of course you are struggling to fall asleep, I would too if I was walking around”

Also, as a cherry on top, we are currently on a break from our little monkey’s medication at night time so he is not sleeping AT ALL. So as he watches Disney planes for the 3rd time on Netflix on the iPad, I am upstairs catching up on programmes on bbc iplayer, while blogging and listening to the little monkey jumping on his bed laughing. He is so not falling asleep anytime soon.

So as it approaches midnight, I don’t have sleeping children and a warm cup of tea. I won’t be enjoying a nice, long (quiet) soak in the bath, I am settling for a squash and a quick shower and the possibility of seeing in the small hours watching Planes. 

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