Dear 2015…

Dear 2015,

I will be honest from the start, I haven’t really liked you much at all. You haven’t been good to me, you have pretty much been a bastard to me all year. And while we are being honest, I am glad to see the back of you.

The year started well with news that we were expecting another baby, then the very sad news in May that we had lost our baby at 18 weeks. Our first family holiday abroad cancelled as a result. Numerous dramas of all descriptions, arguments, disagreements, what seemed like one thing after another in terms of bad luck. Work worries, money worries, medical dramas, you name it, we have most likely dealt with it at some point over the year.

So whilst giving the V’s to 2015 and all the people that won’t be in our 2016, this year starts with a smile on my face, a LOT of patience and a positive attitude, a clean slate, and fingers crossed for a better year than last. 

2015, I am struggling to find something nice to say about you so will finish there.

From Natalie 


To all the people that have got on board with the blog since I started it and have become regular readers, thank you, I didn’t realise people would enjoy it as much as you do. I wish you all a wonderful 2016 filled with laughter, smiles and positivity.


2 thoughts on “Dear 2015…”

  1. i hope 2016 is a better year for you all as you deserve it after what life has thrown at you i for one am very proud of you and how you have coped with things im the same as you glad to see the back of 2015


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