Festive spirit required

So as I sit and type this, it is 9:38pm, on the 22nd December. It is very nearly Christmas and most people will be feeling really festive and putting the finishing touches on their Christmas plans. Not me! I have wrapped the gifts for one of my children, and still have my eldest son’s and my nephew’s to wrap. And there is rather a lot. (All in stupidly awkwardly shaped packages, I might add)

We have been so busy with appointments for the children, right up until tomorrow that actually we haven’t had a chance to just put our feet up and get in the Christmas spirit. We haven’t had an opportunity to watch a Christmas film to get us into the festive spirit, and we haven’t yet indulged in any of the normal Christmas crappy snacks, such as chocolates and pringles. In all honesty this is probably no bad thing though as I am a slimming world member and even if 8lbs has crept back on in just as many weeks, I do like to stay on plan as much as I can.  

I haven’t even shopped for Christmas food yet! I am thinking that I may have to go late at night to avoid the mobs of people like me who have left it until the last minute. I do not have the patience to squeeze my trolley through aisles packed with people that are dawdling and are in my way, anyone who knows me will tell you that I have no tolerance for slow people and detest a busy supermarket, so Christmas food shopping really isn’t my bag. Also doing that with my children in tow, will be disastrous, probably. 

So if anyone is overflowing with Christmas cheer and motivation for the festive period, please send some over to me, because instead of finishing my wrapping and writing my shopping list, I am here, writing this blog post, and drafting another. It may have something to do with the fact that I had finished all of my gift shopping before December and sent out all my Christmas cards, maybe that is it. Being organised is boring.

I do wish you all a very merry Christmas, I hope you get tons of gifts and consume far too much prosecco and Baileys (mmm Baileys) and eat until you drop, unless you are a slimming world member then fill up on free foods and pack your Christmas dinner with speedy vegetables 😀

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