Tips for stress free Christmas shopping

Go alone. This may seem like an obvious one but far more than not letting the little monkeys see what you have bought them, it is essential for keeping your stress levels down. Because when you are listening to this:

“Muuuum I need a wee.” “Muuuuum I’m hungry!” “Mum, are we done yet?” 

You will not want to buy the little angels anything. 
Maybe a supernanny book. 
Or a sprout.

It’s not even just the kids that are a nightmare though, I would advise leaving your man at home too. They can be just as difficult as shopping companions. As soon as you arrive at your shopping destination and make your first purchase your significant other will say something like “Only one or two more bits to get now”


The definition of shopping to a woman is buy the items that you want/need and look at all of the rest to decide if there is a want or a need. Shopping to a man…. buy items from list and get lunch.

Avoid city centres on a weekend! If you have (like me) fallen victim to the ignoranus that despite you saying “Excuse me” five times, still doesn’t move out of your way, then you should avoid the city on a weekend at all costs. Nip out in your lunch break or after dropping the kids at school, no human has the patience for a Saturday in December stomping the paved streets of a packed city.

This year is the first year we have been completely organised, my Christmas shopping is practically done. All the main gifts are bought, just stocking fillers for the boys to get and the dreaded food shop but obviously I don’t have to worry about that yet. Have I stomped around a city centre or shopping village? No. Have I rammed any shoppers with my pushchair this year? Probably but not when Christmas shopping. 

I have been shopping since August, from my wish lists on Amazon, a different list per child. Main gifts from other places purchased and delivered weeks ago. I took advantage of the 3 for 2 at Argos for some of the more pricey bits for the kids. So despite my few tips, my best one would be to Christmas shop like I have and do it at home, when the kids are asleep and your husband is looking at pictures of cars on Facebook. 

What about all those expensive delivery charges? Well I haven’t had to worry about that courtesy of an Amazon prime free trial and me forgetting to cancel it within the 30 days so I now have a year of amazon prime and have taken full advantage! Also, if you have used prime delivery after your 30 days you are not allowed a refund. 

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