Christmas decorating with a toddler…

So sticking on the topic of Christmas, last year we threw away the tatty old artificial tree that I had for years previous. It had really lived it’s full life and met it’s fate at the dump. So last Saturday we went and got another one. A 7ft artificial tree, absolutely beautiful and a good price too. It was supposed to be £80 and was half price in Wilko, I am too tight to pay full price but is defo worth it at the reduced price. Really thick branches and isn’t gappy at all.

As I am the most impatient person in the world, on Saturday night, the tree went up, new lights put on it, 200 multi coloured lights, new baubles in traditional red, gold and green and it looked lovely. 

That lasted about one day! This is what the tree looks like now.

Now, the first thing you might notice is that clearly I have forgotten to turn on half of the lights. Nope. This is one set of lights, which did cover the whole tree and thanks to Noah sticking a pretty light in his mouth, only half of them work. Excellent. I am a tiny bit impressed though that a 2 year olds slobber has knocked out just half and not the whole lot, there is only one plug for them. The second thing you may notice is the poor arrangement of baubles on the bottom, see there is a stage where you carefully put them all back where they were and then you get to a point where you think sod it I will let the boy decorate it how he wants. 

May I also add that the branches were all nicely spaced and looked lovely, now there is a hole in the dark patch where Noah leans into the tree. 

Noah isn’t the only one to blame either, the kitten sits underneath and tries to climb inside the tree. Batting the baubles off the lower branches and eating the branches. We are constantly trying to shoo her out from under there. This is how that is going.

So from Me, Noah and Shirley the cat I hope your Christmas decorating goes well and if you don’t have a toddler then enjoy looking at the beautiful tree you have. If you do have a toddler, embrace the carnage! It’s Christmas. xox

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