Gigging at 16 vs 26

So on tuesday last week, me and the hubs went to see the Prodigy at Capital FM Arena. He has been dying to go see them forever and it is very much a task now ticked off his bucket list. I was really looking forward to it also, I hadn’t however, bothered to google the supporting band, public enemy. To say that they were not quite my style of music is a tad of an understatement. They are an american hip hop band that released their first ‘record’ long before I was born. There is no more that needs to be said than that. 

Good seats too! That we were sat in from 5 minutes after the doors open, which was not what everyone else did as you can see from the above picture of a near empty arena. So there is the first grown up, mum thing I did, turned up early for a concert, we were first in our line actually.

Eventually, after about an hour of random music and another hour of hip hop and swearing which was a little boring (a lot!), people actually started to fill up the venue. Obviously those wise people had planned ahead and looked for public enemy on youtube and decided to chill at home for a bit! 

Literally from the second that Prodigy came on stage, I almost went deaf! Now I knew it would be loud but this was something else, my ears vibrated constantly and it made my head a bit fuzzy. It really was good but my bloody ears! A much younger me would have probably been pissed and so wouldn’t care about my eardrums bursting! 

All the people that were standing were jumping all night, to the point where one lad at the front had fainted or got injured and had to be lifted over the barrier and carried off to the side and instead of thinking he had obviously hit it too hard, I thought ‘oh I do hope he is alright’ Really? I don’t even know this person.

The lights were amazing, strobe lights and laser thingys that make you feel blind, dizzy and sick all at the same time. I definitely think that alcohol would have helped me through! 

All in all it was a fab night, it genuinely was great and a once in a lifetime opportunity, for me as my ears couldn’t handle it. I left feeling rather deaf, a little sick and strangely giddy from the vibrations from the speakers! 

So all in all, 10 years ago I would have been one of the people on the floor, rocking all night and not caring about the volume or blinding lights, but now at 26 I am moaning about being deaf and blind, looking forward to getting into bed with a cup of decaf tea. 

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