Dust, anyone?

One of the less joyous things about being a parent is the cleaning! In previous years, like when I had only one child, and he was at school, I had prided myself in having a (relatively) tidy house. No toys stored in the living room, they were always kept in the boy’s room. 

Fast forward to now and I have so many toys in the living room that belong to my toddler, and the same amount in his room also. No amount of trying to keep these toys tidy has any positive effect, it is funny though to watch the husband pick up all of the duplo bricks and put them in their box, for our little monkey to immediately tip them out again, and walk away. We have numerous stains on the carpet, which I have bought carpet cleaner for, and it remains in the cupboard, waiting for the day that I will prioritise carpet cleaning.

But generally my house is still to a satisfactory standard of cleanliness, or so I thought. 
Yesterday 2 things happened which highlighted to me that my house isn’t as clean as I thought. The first thing was when the toddler weed on the floor, at 2 years and 4 months you would expect that he is potty training, but in fact he just runs around with a bare bum looking to find somewhere new to pee, or something to pee up. Yesterday he chose the floor near the tv unit, so we had a puddle on the floor, and splashes up skirting board. Grab the baby wipes to clean it up, wipe the carpet, wipe the skirting board… and realise that I have now got a clean patch on the skirting board, causing me to have to clean the lot! 

The second thing to happen was when I turned on our surround sound/dvd thingy, and it didn’t turn on. Great, so now I need try and work out what is going on with that. Now we keep the cupboard doors closed (and tied shut) to stop the toddler wreaking havoc, so you could only presume that it is super duper clean in there. Right? Wrong. There was a thick, carpet like layer of dust in there, it was horrific, I had to blow in there a couple of times before pulling it out to investigate! I sneezed, and coughed lots, that was like a dust storm. Turns out, there isn’t even a power lead attached to it, so that means when we moved in 18 months ago we had just put it in the cupboard and never plugged it in! Other items we found behind the tv unit were random toys, and a couple of birthday balloons, cough, from July, cough.

For now, I am looking at all the clean bits of my home and trying to erase the memory of dust carpetted electronic items and dirty skirting boards until it bothers me enough to actually do something about it!

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