Christmas gifts for older boys

My 9 year old little man is usually prepping a Christmas list from about July, so usually I know exactly what to get him. This year he has applied a new sense of bribery in order to guarantee his top 3 items. The act consists of him saying a number of things…

“I don’t want many things for Christmas, just 1 or 2”

“Can I sell my xbox games and buy Fifa 16, or will you get it for Christmas”

He did start with just one or two things on his list and things have been added as he thinks of them (every week). 

This game has been the topic of war in our house since before it was released! I imagine that most boys this age have been harassing their parents since it was advertised on the tv. With it being a new release I think it is about 40 pounds everywhere at the moment. I am guaranteed a happy 9 year old if this is under the Christmas tree this year.

I am not entirely sure what this game entails, I have literally only just got my head around Minecraft so I am guessing that this new version is a proper game with levels rather than building things. If I ask my little dude though I guarantee he will say “You just don’t get it Mum”. This is still a cheap game like the original Minecraft at 24 pounds.*

*I am not a weirdo writing pounds every time, my husband’s laptop is american and I can’t find a pound sign!

Sticking with Minecraft for now, my dude is desperate for some of this lego. He loves anything Minecraft and these lego sets are defo top of his list, well, below FIFA obviously. The set pictured above and the snow hideout are 39.99 and the smaller sets are usually 19.99.

This lego set pictured above is the only set from the movie that has Lord business in it, and it is 99.99 and of course the character that he wants most is lord business. There is no way that I would spend that crazy money on lego but it is cool none the less. I will of course be treating my little dude to some other (cheaper) lego sets from the lego movie range. I find that Tesco and Asda have some good deals on lego a lot of the time but make sure you price check on amazon too as sometimes it is cheaper there.

Now my boy loves a good Christmas jumper and this one is just 14 pounds in Next. His school always has a day in December where all the children wear their Christmas jumpers to school. I know I hated Christmas jumpers when I was a child and you could guarantee that some elderly family member would knit you a big, itchy, fluffy one that you would hate from the moment you set eyes on it. Cringe!

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