#LoveFreshCherries [sponsored]

This post is an entry for the BritMums #lovefreshcherries Challenge, sponsored by Love Fresh Cherries (instagram: @LoveFreshCherries).

As a child I was the laziest eater ever, I never ate meat as I was too lazy to chew it, I didn’t like apple peel and any fruit with a stone was a no because, again, too lazy to eat around the stone. So that was fresh peaches, nectarines and cherries off the table for me. As a parent I have tried not to continue such bad eating habits and as a result we enjoy a range of foods that require peeling, de-stoning and chewing (haha). Although I won’t lie, a cherry pitter is a game changer and you definitely need one!


As the childhood me evidences, it is so difficult to get goodness into your children in the school holidays (or at any time) and I know in our house if the consumption of fruit is something to be achieved daily we need an ever changing rainbow of fruits in the fruit bowl, so we have enjoyed having some British cherries recently. What I didn’t realise prior to taking part in this challenge is that cherries are packed full of melatonin, and if your children are anything like mine and struggle to sleep, then I am sure you will appreciate another melatonin rich food to add to their diet (add to the sleep inducing banquet of an evening).

Bowl – instagram: @cribstar_official

We have enjoyed cherries as a snack, in a smoothie with strawberries and banana, in ice cream and we made a cherry and apple crumble with our leftover cherries, which if you are conscious of sugar levels for the children you can replace the sugar when stewing with sweetener, and mix oats with your flour and butter (and sugar or sweetener).


So thank you to Love Fresh Cherries for prompting us to get out and enjoy the first British cherries of the season.

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