For the crappy days (literally)

We are all guilty of editing our lives and putting a filter over things, sharing a snapshot of how perfect and lovely we want people to think our lives are. Since being a mum this is definitely something I do much, much more. Taking pictures of our darling children the first day of term, usually in front of the door where there is no mess, or putting mushy statuses on facebook about how wonderful our children are and what a dream they are to look after. And of course not forgetting the adorable (filtered) pictures on instagram that were actually the best of 20 snaps where they weren’t smiling or even looking. 

Not all parents are brave enough to bare all about how being a mum or dad can be really crappy work, meant in the descriptive and literal sense. I think it is fair to say we have all had the pleasure of dealing with a ‘poonami’ you know, the one where your small baby does a poo and it goes all up their backs, down their legs and sometimes even in their hair. That is probably a sneak preview for parents of what grim tasks await them in the coming years. 

Actually, we have been fairly lucky with our two and don’t have too many grim tales to tell but what happened to us the other day really topped them all, and I know we aren’t the only ones to endure such an experience. 

Quite often, our nearly 3 year old will go and play in his room, he generally watches a bit of disney on now tv, or plays with his toys and is no trouble at all. Well, recently he has learnt to take off his clothes, and nappy. In the 10 minutes he was up there, he had managed to strip, remove nappy and poo. EVERYWHERE! I have never seen anything like it in my life, it was horrific. I am talking poo on the floor, poo on the bed and poo all over the child. This wasn’t even something that could be dealt with using baby wipes, I just grabbed a poo free bit of child and carried him (at arms length!) to the bath.

It was at this point I thought back to a time in my life (obvs pre kids) where the thought of changing a nappy or wiping someone else’s nose repulsed me, and here I am wiping bogeys off of my walls, mopping puddles of pee and at that very moment, scrubbing poo from the carpet. Maybe the most disturbing point is that when you have kids it doesn’t even bother you that much, you just take it in your stride that children are disgusting beings and you will often find yourself cleaning up their bodily fluids. 

Because this, is what parenting really is, yes there are touching, beautiful moments but they are sandwiched between tantrums and pooey nappies. 

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