I have blinked and it is June!

We are more than half way into June and I cannot believe how fast this year seems to be going, I probably say the same every year but it does feel like I have blinked and lost half a year! We are in the height of sports days, school picnics, dressing up days and all of the other summer activities and random crap that our schools charge us for. Soon it will be the summer holidays where we all start the six weeks with such joy that we don’t have to do the school run and then 2 weeks into the holiday we wish it were September already! 

The week before last was scorching hot and I got myself a bit of a tan, then all of last week was rainy and the last few days have been cloudy. I suspect that may have been the British summer and we have missed it now. I am a typical brit in the sense of how much I complain about the weather, I spend all of the cloudy and rainy days wishing for sun and when the sun does come out I complain I am too hot! 

Grey skies and dark afternoons is my view as I write this, marvelous. Can someone remind the weather that it is summer time now? That being said, technically we are closer to Christmas now? What a depressing thought, and definitely one that that would be made easier by being out in the sunshine in a beer garden drinking something over ice!

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