Valentines gifts that make me happy

I read a blog recently on one of fave blogger’s page and she says in there that she has given her husband lie-ins all year and so likes being spoilt on Valentine’s Day. This really rang true for me, all the people that say they are happy with just each other’s company, must be crazy. I mean, who doesn’t like being spoilt?! Now don’t get me wrong, my husband is great and we do have a great time whatever we do but I do love getting lots of gifts.

I have a double whammy on Valentine’s Day as it is actually our wedding anniversary too. This year is our 3rd wedding anniversary. 

1. Pandora

I love Pandora bracelets, this is actually my second bracelet, the first is off getting re-sized. My husband got the original bracelet for my birthday a couple of years ago and has bought me new charms since. I think it is fair to say that jewellery is always a winner for a Valentines gift, and the beauty of Pandora bracelets and charms is that they are completely customisable and personal to you. 

2. A nice meal out is a must at Valentines and even if we haven’t got much else planned, we always try and go out for dinner somewhere. And of the 4 Valentines days that we have been together, this upcoming one is only the second that I have been able to drink alcohol. I was 20 weeks pregnant with our little monkey on our wedding day in 2013, and 7 weeks pregnant with our angel Jack on Valentines day 2015. So I will be enjoying a nice alcoholic beverage this year, as a nod to the crappy year we had in 2015 and to the fact that we got through it and are celebrating another anniversary. This year our meal will be at a country hotel where we are staying and having a look at the menu I am looking forward to it. I will of course review our stay and share here.

3. Lush bath bombs are my absolute fave! I never used to be one for bath bombs and the unbranded ones that I used to buy quite a few years ago, I found to be a bit shit and they made the water feel funny so I never bothered to buy them again. I was bought a bath bomb from Lush and thought I would give it a go, it was amazing, I couldn’t believe the colours that came off of it! The photo below isn’t mine as I didn’t take a picture of my bath bomb, but I wish I had. The water felt lovely and their was no oily residue on my skin after. It is safe to say that I am definitely hooked on them and will definitely be placing an order with them soon to try out some more, and dropping some heavy hints to the husband to buy me some too! 
4. No Valentines Day would be complete without the mandatory Chocolates and Flowers they are a must really. My husband doesn’t really buy me a box of chocolates as I am so fussy, and in any given box there is usually only one or two chocs that I actually eat. But he does get me some lovely flowers. Other people may have lots of different things on their lists but try as I might, I cannot think of anymore to add, who knew I was so easily pleased! 

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