Jelly Belly Bean boozled challenge

So after watching a hilarious video on YouTube of Charlotte Crosby and her little brother doing this Jelly Belly Bean boozled challenge, my 9 year old son thought it would be a great idea for us to do it. My first thought believe it or not was what a lovely thing to do together, from what I had seen there was one disgusting flavour and one nice flavour so I only had a 50/50 chance of getting the horrible flavours so it wouldn’t be too crap for either of us. And as any parent of a child that is 9 or over, you will know that there isn’t much anymore that your child will want you to participate in as try as you might, you aren’t as cool as you think you are, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity.

How stupid and full of regret am I now I hear you ask? VERY.

So we bought 2 packs of the bean boozled jelly beans assuming that there would be just two of each colour, one of each flavour, but it is actually a mixed box so there is no guarantee that there will be a fair balance of vile flavours and normal fruity jelly beans. The plan was that we would record the challenge so my husband was in charge of the GoPro and as it transpired, I wasn’t required to be in the video and actually it was my son, his cousin and his best friend. I still ate the horrid little things but luckily didn’t have to do it on camera, me and my friend pulled our disgusted expressions off camera and looked on while our children recorded theirs!

While the concept is fantastic, I have no idea how Charlotte Crosby and her brother managed to get one nice and one nasty when they did it. I swear we all had the horrible flavours, they were rancid, I have never ever tasted anything as foul as jelly beans flavoured like smelly socks, booger, vomit, baby wipes, dog food, toothpaste (this one wasn’t actually bad!), lawn clippings and rotten egg. I honestly felt sick for about 5 hours after doing this challenge and I am nauseous just recalling the memory. I wouldn’t have the stomach to do it again that’s for sure!

After we completed the challenge, we realised that the camera had run out of battery at some point during the recording, there was no doubt in my mind that I would absolutely NOT be doing it again. But in desperation to complete the video for their YouTube channel that they had committed to, my son and his bestie decided that they were going to do it again, charged the camera and off they went. My gag reflex struggling just watching them, they were wretching, gagging, giggling and pulling some weird and wonderful facial expressions and after they recorded their video? They took the rest of the jelly beans out with them to eat for fun! Crazy as they are, they bossed it and at 9 years old they are a lot braver than I am! With much, much stronger stomachs than us adults!

*If anyone is mad enough to want to do this challenge after reading this then you can purchase the bean boozled jelly beans in most places, we bought ours from a Tesco express in our town but I am sure they are available everywhere. We paid two pounds a packet, but I know they are more expensive online.

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