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A letter to my disabled sons teacher…

Dear Teacher,

I cannot ever thank you enough. You took my fragile, vulnerable little boy, and you placed him under your wing. You provided a safe place, you gave him love and patience.

Over the last two and a bit school years you have shaped him into the wonderful young man he is today. As we approach the half way point of year two, he has achieved so much more than we ever thought he would.

Two years ago I put him on the school bus for the first time, with a tear in my eye. I didn’t know if he would ever learn to talk, he had no words, no communication, and we wondered what he would go on to achieve. And school seemed such a scary thing for him, I didn’t know what would come next.

We hoped that he would be safe and happy. We hadn’t considered that you and this school were the final piece to allow him to blossom, we never thought we would be so lucky to have the little boy we have today.

It may not seem huge, but he can answer to his name. He can count, he knows his letters and most of all, he can sing! And now at six years old, he has started to read! We hadn’t even considered reading as one of his targets as the little boy we sent to you had no speech at all, not a single word. The little boy that didn’t have any words, now will chat and sing happily. The sound of his little voice will never cease to amaze me.

You are so much more than a teacher, you are a safe place, a role model and such a positive and important person in my son’s life. Thank you. There aren’t enough words in the world that could express what you have done for him, and for us. You are a blessing to teaching and every child that meets you is so very fortunate. We need to duplicate you and send some of you to every school, because I am sure that you have changed our boy’s life.

Mrs T, you really are amazing ❤️

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