My new venture as an Imperial Candles Ambassador

I have previously bought Imperial Candles products and absolutely loved them, so when I heard a few months back that they would be having consultant opportunities coming up, I jumped at the chance to start. I thought a great place to begin would be to tell you all about Imperial Candles and what they are all about. I got my first Imperial Candle last year at Halloween as they had a special offer on where there were two jewels hidden in the candle, if I am to be completely honest, that was the single reason I ordered one. I figured with two pieces of jewellery in, if the candle was crap I wouldn’t be at any loss as I would have some pretty silver jewellery. The candle really did exceed my expectations, it was a lot bigger than I expected it to be and they burn really well and evenly, and smell GORGEOUS!

Since becoming a consultant for Imperial candles I have ordered two candles for myself and thought I would tell you a little bit about them. The candles are hand poured after you order and when ordering you can choose what jewellery you would like inside, enter a ring size or just leave it as a random item. I have found that the candles are generally dipatched within a working week, by dpd. I always get a dispatch email the evening before delivery and then early on the morning of delivery, dpd email you a time slot for delivery, mine is usually a 1 hour slot but this may differ depending on where you live. 

The candles are packaged securely in cardboard boxes filled with packing peanuts (I have no idea if that is what they are actually called, it is just what I call them) and I have never received a parcel from them that is damaged in any way.

Inside the box and after spilling the peanuts all over the floor, the candle itself is packaged in a cardboard sleeve. No fiddly cellotape to deal with just unfold the corners and slide the candle out. 

I love the way these are packaged as there is nothing I despise less than trying to break into a parcel that is so securely cellotaped you couldn’t get in with a hammer. The candles I buy are in glass jars with lids so you can replace the lid when not in use to prevent your wax getting dusty. I haven’t bought all of the fragrances yet, though I doubt I am far off, but I have never been disappointed. They all smell amazing and I am well and truly addicted to them.

The jewellery inside your candle varies in price, and I have seen a few times on the Imperial candles facebook page, people that have won rings worth thousands, so it does happen. The jewellery I have won has generally been around the price of my candle so essentially I have got my wax for free. 

These are a few of the pieces of jewellery I have received in my candles. I love it all, but my favourite has to be the ring with the blue stone which is the one I got most recently from my white jasmine jar candle. I absolutely love silver jewellery so these are right up my street. I haven’t been disappointed yet, and quite honestly don’t think I will be. 

Even when the candle is finished, I don’t throw them away or recycle the jar. I wash it up and reuse it, at the moment to hand I have one that I have peeled the label off of, washed in warm soapy water and I fill it with my cotton wool and stand it on my dresser. I also have another empty one downstairs that I will probably fill with some little sweets and stand in the kitchen. 

Perhaps I am a stickler for not throwing things out but I love these jars! Literally have so many uses. Don’t just take my word for it, head over to the Imperial Candles Facebook page and have a nosey, and when you have decided that you would like to try them as much as I did when I found them on Facebook, visit my shop and get one for yourself, there is a 10% off code waiting for you when you arrive. 

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