Update from me

It feels like ages since I have written some new content on here, so I just thought I would offer a little update. It was been a really busy couple of weeks for us, our littlest man has been really ill with an inner ear infection which has been an absolute nightmare. Not helped by the fact that he refuses to take medicine from a syringe at all. We have been wrestling a 2 and a half year old with the strength of an ox to get some antibiotics and ibuprofen into him, which has resulted in medicine all over him, all over us, and all over any nearby surfaces. He grits his teeth so you cannot get the syringe in and then blows raspberries with pursed lips so it sprays back at you, it’s quite an art. However, we are now expert in hiding medication in his drinks and yogurts.

In other news, I went for some interviews last week and was lucky enough to be offered both positions. So pretty soon I will finally be putting my degree to use and getting out there in the world of work. It is a bit nerve wracking after nearly two years having passed since I left uni and my full time placement, but at the same time I cannot wait to have my own identity again, I have spent the last two years being Mum, Wife, carer, taxi service, housemaid and general slave so it will be a welcome break to be an employee and in the company of real life grown ups! 

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