Mother’s Day Wishlist

Mother’s Day is super early this year, on the 6th March and whilst I harp on about all the many things that I want (I definitely do this. A lot!), I thought I would get a bit of a list going of all the things I would love for Mother’s Day. My children with the help of their Dad are very good at getting me the things that I ask for to be fair to them, and I generally do get what I want.

1. I have been in love with the ‘MOTHER’ sweatshirts from the moment I saw them and am yet to get one myself. They are available from the Selfish Mother website for £45. There is also a MAMA sweatshirt and a WINGING IT sweatshirt that I also want but one at a time is fine for me.

2. I absolutely love this lightbox from The Kids for £29.99. I could take so many cool pictures with this featuring in it, this list could in fact be a blogger’s wishlist rather than a Mother’s Day gift list. All the better for dropping hints all year round. 

3. I have always taken my pictures on my phone and the quality of the images was never great on my Samsung. My husband recently got me a new phone and the image quality is miles better than my old phone but I would still like a camera. This one is a Nikon DSLR camera, I have had my eye on this for ages and while it is unlikely I will get it for Mother’s Day, my husband likes the same camera so we will probably get one and share it, I will take all my blog pictures and he will photograph his cars.

4. I love shoes, and while I don’t choose sky high heels anymore (and go for sensible Mum shoes), I do love a pair of Converse All Stars, I did look at the white ones and thought about how lovely they would look with a pair of jeans and then I remembered that 1. I have children and 2. More specifically, my children are not the type of children that people where white around. They like splashing in puddles and standing on my feet, especially when I have new shoes. So these lovely grey ones are the closest to white that I dare go. 

5. Another pair of sensible shoes, these ones are the Latimer Rose Slim plimsolls, they are £24 and are available from Cath Kidston and these will be perfect for the summer. 

6. I love a new mug for Mother’s Day, last year my eldest got me a I heart MUM mug and I love it. This mug from Cath Kidston is my current favourite, it is the Blossom Bunch Stanley mug and is £6.50 online.

7. I have been looking for a while now for a collarless jacket/coat and I have until now been unsuccessful. I found this one on boohoo.com it is the Olivia collarless button duster coat and is reduced to £25 from £50 at the moment and is available in black, camel and cream though a quick look shows that not all sizes are available. 

8. Now 8th on my wishlist is a number of free things that are worth the most on Mother’s Day. A nice lay in, coffee brought up to me in bed. Now breakfast in bed is pushing it a bit but I will put it out there anyway. Something that is always on my wishlist is a nice bath, one where I am not disturbed by children requiring my attention or to tell me something super important about a minecraft video or a new pokemon that they have unlocked on a game.


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4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Wishlist”

  1. What a great list, I have been secretly lusting after a light box too – although I am not sure it may not end up gathering dust once the novelty wears off – can't quite make up my mind. Hope you had a good one xx #Justanotherlinky


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