Nights out when you are a Mum…

So for the first time since I moved here 18 months ago, I was invited out with ‘the girls’. Not to a soft play centre with toddlers, not to the park after school… 

But out, with actual adults, and alcohol. 

First priority was to assess the clothing situation, only to discover that I had accepted my fate as a recluse and had nothing in the wardrobe suitable for a night out. Crap.

New clothes needed. I absolutely hate clothes shopping of any form, online or in person, I detest it, I either can’t find anything I like or the stuff that I do like is horrible on. It is a nightmare. So naturally I left it until the actual day…

Pre children I would have gone for a short dress and some killer heels, but a combination of age, weight gain and the adoption of a sensible attitude meant that I went for some grey skinny jeans, a black vest and a long floral blouse. And on my feet, no stillettos! Heeled boots, with socks too! 

The funny thing is, I am NEVER ever on time anywhere! Yet with no children or husband in tow, I was on time. Now I don’t know if this was the desperation to leave my husband in charge or the idea of drinking alcohol in adult company that aided my time keeping, but for the first time in years I wasn’t late. 

Probably the latter as the alcohol went down very easily. 

One thing I did discover to my absolute amazement, there were street pastors walking the high street with backpacks on. These backpacks were full of pink flip flops, and they were handing them out to all the ladies that had sore feet. AMAZING! I didn’t know these people existed but what a god send! 

Plenty of alcohol consumed, lots of dancing done and home around midnight, husband sent out for food so all in all a good night!

Reassuring to know that when not wearing my Mum, wife, carer, taxi driver, referee, chef or slave hats, there is a person underneath called Natalie, and she likes disaronno, a lot.

And doesn’t suffer from hangovers either, result!


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