Christmas gift list for the little monkey..

I am terrible when it comes to Christmas, I literally plan all year and this year I have been shopping since August for both of my boys.

Now these construction vehicles are everywhere in my house and pretty much the only thing the boy plays with. He is obsessed with wheels and loves driving these past his face. We had come to terms with the fact that we would never be able to get him to play with anything else, and then we found this great My first JCB. 

There are loads of vehicles in the My First JCB collection and at around 10 pounds each, they are a complete bargain. I cannot tell you how good it is to be able to find some different construction vehicles for our monkey.

This In the Night Garden train is something I am so looking forward to giving to the boy on Christmas Day. We visited my cousin a few weeks back and he just radiated towards this while we were there and he never shows an interest in anything that he doesn’t know. He played with it for ages so I just knew he needed to have one. (Said like a true naive mother who honestly believes that their toddler will be interested in their gifts, when in all reality, cardboard boxes and paper are far more fun!)

I have already bought tons of these books from Usborne books, the That’s not my.. books are probably my all time favourites, especially for children with sensory issues. The boy has always been into books for as long as he could hold them and he loves flicking through these touchy-feely books. He is even starting to explore the different textures, which is great. Also, in reality, he already had some of these books and they have been ripped and vandalised. 

I’m not going to lie, it is still November and there is tons of time for me to find more things for the little monkey so no doubt you will hear more about my purchases!

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