Welcome to my blog

This morning I decided that today would be the day that I finally start the blog that I have been meaning to start for the last few months. Not that I think I am particularly that interesting, I just have a lot to say, about a lot of things. I regularly read a few blogs that I have found on social media and love their brute honesty and bravery of some at sharing their challenges and problems.

First hurdle done, now to name it. Well, I am literally the least creative, original person on the planet so this was far more difficult than it should have been. 

Finally after staring at the screen with no bloody idea what to name the damn thing, I came up with The scenic route to sanity, and this pretty much sums up our lives. We have always got some sort of drama or crisis going on and life is always just a bit, well, mad. I would probably be extremely bored if our lives were really easy, so I’m not complaining really. We live at 100 miles per hour and always have 100 things to do…. that should have been done yesterday. 
A bit about me, I am 26 years old, married my husband in 2013 and moved to the Midlands last year from my hometown in leafy Suffolk and haven’t looked back since, it was a complete breath of fresh air to move into a new area, new neighbours, new friends and new adventures. We have 2 boys who are our absolute world and each bring their own challenges, a 9 year old who is going on 17 and a nocturnal 2 year old with ASD who runs the house. Typical issues you can expect to find in my house are the toddler crying because we don’t release him into the wild every time that the door opens for us to accept a parcel or that the numerous charity workers that bang on the door won’t let him go with them. Or perhaps you could observe the 5 week strop that the 9 year old has been in because he is the only child in the world that doesn’t own Fifa 16 yet, and I am a terrible parent for not purchasing it on the day of release. We have a dog and two cats, all of which my husband hates, which is funny because he is their favourite person, they all love him (haha!). 

I have been a member of Slimming World since August and love their plan, it is literally so easy to follow, delicious and good for all of the family. I must admit I have turned into a bit of a foodie since starting the plan and love trying new dishes, I even have a separate Instagram page for all my foodie pics! I also taught myself to crochet earlier in the year and now am hooked (pun intended), I am currently working on a huuuge blanket which will be finished (hopefully) by Christmas. The plan is to be sat down on Christmas eve for a film with the kids whilst snuggled under this! 

Just over halfway on my Christmas blanket.

So you can expect recipes and food ideas and fails! Crochet projects and progress on my Christmas blanket as we approach the big day! You will also get tons of stories of our adventures as I raise a preteen with attitude and a toddler with Autism, and my over grown man child of a husband who needs just as much supervision as the actual children.

So from me and my 3 boys, thanks for reading!

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